Olla Tornado Damage
Rated at F3 (158-205 mph)

Looking north-northwest at home and mobile home

RV overturned behind home.  Note green bathtub.

What's left of this wood-framed home

Looking south at the remnants of the wood framed home

Another look at the RV.  Note wood plank in the back of the RV

Bathtub where residents took shelter

A nearby home partially destroyed with roof missing

New truck turned around 180 degrees.  Note wood in windshield

Wooden 2x4 missile penetrating the RV

The photos of the home above is where four residents took
shelter in the bathtub.  Fortunately all survived with only minor
injuries.  They lost everything.  The storm was rated as an F3
at this location with winds of 158-205 mph.