Radar Images

Composite image ov the storm "X1" as it crosses US 165

Three tornado signatures (circled)

7:34 PM - approaching storm in lower left corner

7:40 PM developing storm approaching Tullos from SW

7:45 PM

7:50 PM

7:55 PM

8:00 PM - storm approaching Olla from the SW

8:06 PM - tornado strikes Olla

8:11 PM - tornado crosses US 165 just north of Olla as F2

8:16 PM - storm continues NE just south of Clarks

8:21 - tornado strikes Holum community

8:26 PM - tornado strikes Copenhagen community

The images above are Storm Relative Velocity images
indicating rotation within the storm.  Red indicates air
moving away from the radar site and greens/blues indicate
air moving toward the radar site.  The close red/blue
couplings indicate strong rotation in the parent
thunderstorm known as a mesocyclone.