During the evening hours of April 9, a powerful classic supercell formed over northeast Texas and trekked eastward following Interstate 20 across all of north Louisiana, finally dissipating over western Mississippi. The storm spawned several tornadoes all along its nearly 250 nautical mile path. The most damaging portion of the path was across portions of Shreveport and Bossier City on to just south of Haughton. However, tornadic damage was documented in western Ouachita Parish.

Below are several images of the storm - including animations and still photos (video capture) of the wall cloud as it passed near Richwood just south of Monroe.

Wall cloud looking to the north-northeast as it passed near Richwood. These photos were taken at the time of the above radar images. Scud could be seen rising into the wall cloud.

Tornado Paths - Courtesy of the NWS-Shreveport