Maps and Photos

Piece of aluminum siding from a structure approximately 3/4 mile away.  Although some structural damage was observed in the distance, we could not get to the actual structures for photographs because of closed gates.  It appeared that a large barn received roof and some minor external damage.  Most damage to other structures appeared to be confined to roofs.
Pine trees bent toward the northeast.  Photo is looking
west.  This was taken from site #1.
Clearing produced by fallen trees which have since been
removed.  Looking east at photo site 1.
Photo from site 2.  Pine tree uprooted and pointing 
southeast.  Found on the north edge of damage path.
Debris (aluminum siding) found at site #2.
Large oak tree with extensive root system pointing south.
Photo is looking southwest at site #2.
Large pine tree snapped at the base at site #1.