Delta Community College/Northeast Louisiana ARES-RACES-SKYWARN Severe Storm Intercept Project

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About the Webcast

Webcasting involves streaming video and audio.  It requires a high speed internet connection to successfully view the video stream.  The webcast will only be active during severe weather - and even then, only when time allows the streaming to take place (we have to work real jobs too).  Webcasting is not high definition video.  At times the image may appear pixilated and jumpy.  Depending upon cell reception while in-the-field, the stream may be temporarily interrupted so hit REFRESH often.

Note to media: ANYONE MAY USE AND BROADCAST THIS WEBCAST AT ANYTIME, so long as it us used to protect life and/or property! It may NOT be used for personal or corporate profit. Please give credit to Don Wheeler and Louisiana Delta Community College.

Regional National Weather Service Offices for Specific Watch, Warning, and Forecast Information

NWS - Shreveport, LA NWS - Jackson, MS NWS - New Orleans, LA
NWS - Little Rock, AR NWS - Lake Charles, LA NWS - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Latest Watch, Warning, and Advisories from Delta EMWIN
(click on the map below for current watches, warnings, and advisories)

Shreveport Images (base reflectivity, storm relative motion, storm total precipitation)
Images created by GRLevel3 by Mike Gibson

National Weather Service Doppler Radar - Shreveport - Click to Enlarge - *Note: If You Do Not See Image, NWS Site is Down

Other State Radars
National Weather Service Doppler Radar - Jackson - Click to Enlarge  - *Note: If You Do Not See Image, NWS Site is Down
Lake Charles Radar
New Orleans Radar

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